Raza Ahmad

I am a research associate in the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). My research revolves around Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Program Analysis. In addition to theory of machine learning, I am interested in its applications to computational, social and management sciences. I am also keen to develop scalable machine learning algorithms and analytic solutions that could be executed in distributed environments.

Currently I am working with Technology for People Initiative (TPI), a Google funded center dedicated to solving problems in governance through the research and development of technological innovations. My research involves the design and use of modern machine learning techniques for information mining and knowledge discovery to empower policymakers with real time actionable insights from large data sets. My most recent work has focused on refining and developing new machine learning methods to address the challenges faced in social and news media analysis.

I graduated summa cum laude from FAST National University Lahore with major in Computer Science. Previously, I worked at Deezon as a Project Manager & SEO Consultant. I am a veteran participant at StackOverflow. During my early undergraduate, I used to blog about Programming and Algorithms.